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The beginnig of to be a misfit

When I tell the history of Pittbulls in A Mushpit, takes it a long way. The beginning of our story was in september 2004. I was in the class 6c on the "Überlinger Gymnasium". My three friendy and I hang always up together. We built a group. A group wich nobody could easy enter. And all the others of our class did the the same,too, but in the groups of them everybode could anytime come or leave. The went on partys together and on other places, wich makes fun. On the beginning of that, it don´t touch us. But in the middle of year, in spring two girls have a big party and the invited all people of our class. That was a new. But they didn´t invite us. And this you-be-non-invite, maded they so clearly, that it hurts. Of corse we felt like a group, but we didn´t feel us like misfits. It was a shock when we heared what names the other gave us. They called us deadbeats. And our group the deadbeats-club ("Pennerclub")
22.10.06 21:41

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